Does anyone know if u can play call of duty 4 360 online with pc online???? how???
you cant because pc/=xb360
just because its made by microsoft doesnt mean you can play xbox games on windows or any OS for that matter
you need an xbox360 to play the game
NOT a computer
In response to Atomic1fire
Actually, that's not what he was asking. There are Windows versions of the game.

What he was asking was, can owners of the 360 version play online against/with owners of the PC version. The answer is no. Although technically possible if the developers/Microsoft wanted it, but there are logistical nightmares in balancing gameplay between the two. Control pads are far less precises than a mouse and keyboard. So making sure that the gameplay is fair is nearly impossible. And ignoring accuracy, even the movement is different. Also, Microsoft would require the developers use their stupid "Windows Live" service for the online, which would really, really piss off most PC gamers.
Well, it's not that I don't like a community, it's that I dislike having it shoved down my face, and the fact that Windows Live is going to hate WINE as much as possible. Steam, for example, is what it should be. Basically a 3rd party GAME DEVELOPER who designed a system to streamline their own work sharing it with other developers. Steam doesn't require that people using them do much at all special in their games, and it doesn't require them to change anything about their network code.

I guess I'm kinda looking at it from an angle the average consumer wont, but it's far better to have a system that is platform independent(Steam is working at it, and it works well in WINE) and requires no special effort by the developers. Someone making a game for PC and PS3 can use basically the same everything when it comes to online play, but for 360 they have to do special work, and if they did Windows Live then the PS3/Wii/Whatever would be the odd man out. I guess I just don't like closed system.


I guess what I'm saying is Valve does gaming communities right. Also, who doesn't love getting pretty much any game you ever wanted downloaded to your PC quickly?