Space Station 13

by Exadv1
Space Station 13
Stay alive inside Space Station 13
Stop posting on this forum, it's as simple as that, you're better off posting whatever it is you're posting on the forums of the server you play on, you'll get a lot more attention there, this forum doesn't work because there's multiple servers all doing their own damn thing, all different communities and codebases.
shut the fuck up nerd
You're friendly
you're a bitch kid
thanks for the constructive comment.
no problem nerd
Byond is as Byond does. so I shall post here as a person from BYOND with no allegiance to the other forums or servers...

They should have Server 2 Server wars that break out
Kodeth is banned from literally every community
Stop posting here please.

You can post here, but most of the activity I've seen would be at the forum for whatever server you use.

Especially unban requests. Post those at the forum for whatever server you're on. byond's forum is nice but this place is not well populated.

As a last resort you could also try asking people at for help. admins for a few servers lurk there occasionally and do respond sometimes.

Here's a mega huge list of forums, wiki's, and server addresses for several servers that should be up to date.