Hey everyone, I'm glad to see alot of the changes made for the upcoming of 4.0 (and most of the features in 4.0 itself). I'm excited to get to work with some of the new features.

However, I suppose I'm having a bit of a learning curve on the new macro system. The layout and interface itself is great, but the way it functions seems tons different from 3.x. If you use a macro that requires no input (Such as an attack verb from many games) then use a verb that requires input by typing it into the input line(like a say verb from many games), it's like the focus is set on the input line, and the map has to be clicked to get the focus back for a non-input macro again.

Is there anything that can be done to set the focus to the map after inputting text on the bar, or is that something that you just have to live with?

Sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong area, I just went to what seems right I suppose. =P