So, I've decided to just ditch FLTK because it is bloated with features I don't need and GLUT seems to be just so much faster. I was only using FLTK for the cross-platform OpenGL canvas and key handling, but now it seems I have another use for it.

Players of Console++ will want to communicate, in which case I really ought to have an HTML output window (such as that that BYOND uses) and some form of text input. I was thinking on-canvas, but if I'm going to develop an HTML output control onto the window, might as well do the same for text input.

Are there any cross-platform libraries I can use to do this or am I going to have to migrate back to FLTK? Rather, is there a lighter alternative to both GLUT and FLTK, that provide key handling, windowing, and text controls for the windows I create?

I really don't want to have to learn the native APIs of a bunch of operating systems to port a game to their platforms. Do you think that would be better? How are they in comparison with the Win32 window API--easier? harder? more or less convenient?

I prefer C++.

Or perhaps something with simple input controls, perhaps like BYOND's input() procedure, to input a message. I can use a seperate OpenGL context within the same window (hope this is possible) to draw the text in. This should be significantly easier since I can use arguments in the procedure, rather than text parsing, to control colors. Any thoughts on this?
Which programming language do you use to develop your game?
C++? C#? Java? Python?
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Ah! Knew I forgot something--it's C++.