I am sending my X-Box 360 to be repaired, but first I have to remove the hard drive. I cannot seem to do it, nor are there any good articles of how to do it. When I take off the top there is another platform there that I cannot seem to get off.

First question: Does every X-Box 360 have a hard drive?

Second question: If so, how the heck do I remove it?

*EDIT: Does the hard drive come separate? Like, do you need it? Or is it just something you buy for extra memory?
If you bought a core system, you lack a HDD. If you bought a premium, you have one and it has a silver stip that says "HDD" Just press that button and lift...that is it.
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The core system is the white, plain, original one, right?
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They are both white... The Elite is black. You can tell the difference between the core, and the premium from the drive cover. Premium is silver/chrome, and the core just is flat white like the rest of the console... You cant play many games without a HDD, or memory card...shouldn't be hard to figure out.