It's a bit of a long shot, but I'm going to Apple's WWDC (See here) in a few weeks time, anyone else attending? It'd be cool to meet up
Wow, that would be interesting, but sdly the only language I know is DM, lol.
(looking forward to learn c++, tho)

Well, what other languages do you mess around with? :]
I'm sure Deadron will be there. You might try to contact him privately, as he's been on a short hiatus from BYOND recently.
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I mainly use objective-c but C++ is never far around the corner in Mac development.
For reference, WWDC rocked, and I saw Deadron!
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From what I heard, there wasn't much developer related talk there. Just hearing it from third parties, but they claim it was mostly just used as another place to talk about the iPhone.
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There were a lot of application developer related talks, there were roughly 4-5 web development sessions which I'm sure discussed the iPhone, though the one I went to didn't. It is generally the sort of pace where you learn more when hanging around between sessions and talking to people -in my opinion.
Still, was worth paying the flights and accomadation for me :)
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If you had fun, it doesn't matter what they discussed! Can't say I'm much of a Mac fan(only Apple product I own is an iPod), so I doubt it would interest me much, but hanging out with a bunch of people who you know you have something in common with is a great idea.