Shouldn't have trusted him... He's stating that he hacked my computer through my IP and released my source code.
.. sigh .. -_-'
Yes. He thinks that we ripped our game from Gunbuddy. We did no such thing. We have said that Gunbuddy inspired us because really made a great Freeze Tag game that I enjoyed.

After all that, Kirby and I decided to make a game of our own using a Freeze Tag Demo that we found in a library somewhere on BYOND (You'll have to ask Kirby exactly where, I'm not really sure) and he COMPLETELY recoded the source of it to make it the game it is today.

Maybe we have simillar IT signs.... I'm not sure. But if we do, I think it's cause Gunbuddy used the same demo that we did. Really, we did NOT rip this game!
Additional Pylons

He hacked your computer through your IP?....

I honestly never heard of that. Besides, don't you have any like.. Firewalls or anything like that?

It sounds like utter bull crap Kirby. Besides that, this is something you really should have taken up with BYOND staff. not the boards.
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He didn't say he did the other guy did and hes just a lying noob kirby don't be an idiot he is lying.
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K thanks ATHK

And I'm not "taking it up" with the boards, this is off topic and I felt like informing people of someone who should be watched out for. I do have a firewall up but its not a good one, I need to get a better one.

oh and thanks for informing me about the him not really hacking me, I don't know a lot about hacking, just a little about coding.
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Well the question is did he send you a file and did you open it if not then its pretty much impossible to hack you so like i said hes just a lying noob who has no clue.
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Nope he didn't send me any files. Thanks again.
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A.T.H.K wrote:
Well the question is did he send you a file and did you open it if not then its pretty much impossible to hack you

Caveat: This only holds provided you have a firewall (or are behind a NAT router). Keeping up to date on your operating system patches helps a lot too.

It is possible (though not likely) that, in the event you had an unfirewalled unpatched system connected directly to the internet, he could have used a script kiddie tool to exploit a Windows bug.

Having said that, personally I wouldn't believe this clown until I see some concrete evidence. Tell him to send you a copy of this source code he supposedly stole, as proof. If he declines (which he will), then you know that he's bluffing. =)
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You still ripped it. The only way to not rip something is to start from scratch. Changing parameters and certain wording only does so much. You did rip, but probably not from Gunbuddy unless he made that demo in which case you did. Rewriting code doesn't make it yours. For example if i were to take mozarts symphony and change some of the notes and call it my own, it wouldn't be.
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I would hardly call using a demo or lib ripping since they are well... DEMOS and LIBS not a full game.

Taking someones idea and making it your own is not ripping in my opinion.
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I didn't see the library part, my bad.