You Know How Sometimes When You Log Onto BYOND, Go To Teh Site, Or Try To Play A Game That BYOND Randomly Pops Up W/ A Poll Because The Server Is Full (or somtin like that)?

Well, today i was loggin in to change my hub and i got like 3 of those in a row. It asked me to write a poem, so i did (kinda). I Clicked Send And i figured i could continu. It sent me to a page w/ a return link, and i clicked it like 20 times but it was just a link to the page w/ the return link. I closed my browser and re-opened it to go back to the BYOND home page. I want to the login page, and i got another poll, the same thing happened. Then when i re-opened my browser the BYOND homepage was a poll, after i filled that out i was all set.

I understand that these polls and questions may be neccessary, so i'm not asking for them to be removed, just pointing out how annoying they are. Who Is With Me?
that means the server is down.

It's not like they do it on purpose :/
Haha, they don't actually expect you to fill those out, they're really more just a joke.

When you see one of those, that means the server is down. Filling it out, although sometimes fun, doesn't necessarily mean you'll get to continue (although sometimes they take so long that the servers are back up by the time you finish)

Just be patient, wait a minute or two, and hit refresh.
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What are you talking about? Yes they do. They are updating the servers. The BYOND servers do not crash.
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actually they do

BYOND history 2001 server crashes for three minutes
BYOND history 2002 server crashes for thirty minutes

though it does not happen often most of the time it is:

full, updating, or byond just wants to tick you off
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I don't think the first and the third are likely possibilities.
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yes true. but littarly that can happen (not the third one that was for kicks)
server can be occupied by 90+ more users trying to click a link at the exact same time BOOM server traffic causing the server to go down

90+ was a estimation dont yell
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I don't think 90 would do that, or even three times that (which is probably still a low amount). I'm not even sure it would affect the entire server. That page would load slowly, but a crash is probably unlikely.
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This is very true, just look at the eon8 hoax that happened a few months back. Thousands of people were trying to access/hack/crack/eat the site at the same time, which cause the site to time out.

Just look at the number of hits they got in June and July. >_>
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not exactly what i meant. im saying if tons of people are trying to access the hub it causes a server restart(thats not one of those things where it gives you a poll its one where it says "the operation has timed out" or some browsers say "error: server does not exist" or enet explorer brings up could not find server
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That doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. If you can't find your car keys, that doesn't mean you should assume they don't exist.