Okay, BYOND, I'm seriously sick of this. Whichever one of you sent me a letterbomb with a return address of "From the BYOND community - take a hint!" was not funny, okay?
Happy birthday anyway?
Yeah, thanks. :-D I'm sixteen, which is kind of cool because now I get to run over people in a car.

btw the story in the OP isn't true fyi
I'm older than you, this is weird.

Happy birthday.
Happy Birthday, youngin.
Haha, Happy birthday to you little boy.
Happy birthday
Happy birthday big boi
You're a big boy now.
for a second i thought the rest of your post would be, 'and i can cry if i want to'

whew lol. anyway, ive been 16 for 9 months so haha xP

silly nooblet ben, ur still just a padowan.



we luv ya, I think*
Happy Date of Birth
Happy birthday, yesterday.
Happy birthday, three days ago.