by Maximus_Alex2003
Interface-based edit command demonstration.
Just a simple demonstration for an interface-based "edit" command.

Currently project not available for library release as things are still being worked and tinkered.

-Fix the Clear Editor, as it doesn't completely clear the entire editor.
-Have current value update upon changing variable.
-Add ability to Add/Remove contents from /lists.
-Change "/list Contents" to "[selected variable] Contents" to know which one is selected.
-Add a visual aid to which variable is selected.
-Add a visual aid to which variable is not recommended to change.
Currently there's an issue with the Direct Download button. Running the Zip works fine. I'm not sure if this is a BYOND issue as it is a direct link to the packaged executable.
At one point I was working on something just like this. I think the goals that I had for it might have been too grand, which proved to make the required interface extremely complex. I wanted a tool that would give me absolute power over my world, so that I could put it into any possible state and even save it to a file. The usefulness and power of such a tool were so great that I had dubbed it "Dream Explorer". If it ever sees the light of day, then it could replace Dream Maker and potentially save BYOND in the right hands.