A while back I asked about breaking up connections and I was told to get a switchbox. Where we used to live, that was a good suggestion, but only because their DSL modem had a router inside the modem.

We recently got DSl at our apartment and we just got a basic DSL modem without a built in router. Well the switch box won't work with that.

So I need to know, and I don't think it is possible, but is there software I can install to make like a virtual router? And if not, what type of router would you suggest for these needs:

Split a DSL connection to multiple computers, PS2, Xbox 360

Yep, if you wanna run you computer all the time, you just need to turn on ICS. Google ics.

(hint: you'd go from your modem to your computer, to your switch, out to the rest of the computers, ics will assign ip's automatically to any computer on the network)

I use it to bridge from my wifi internet into my lan in win 2000.
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Well thanks for the help, I found out what I would have to do... BUUUUT

Get this, our modem only has 2 jacks, one for the phone and one for eathernet. Which means it does not support USB connections.

And my PC only have one NIC card, so I guess I HAVE to buy a router.
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no you dont

just plug it into the switch. The only catch is your modem has to assign it the ip address, and not one of the other computers on the network.

But itll be alot easier for you if you get a router:P
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How can I get the modem to assign the IP address to the switch?
Gah never mind, I got a 4 port dsl/cable router on ebay for like $10.00
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Shades wrote:
How can I get the modem to assign the IP address to the switch?

You don't, from the modem, through the switch, it would assign the ip to the first computer on the network requesting it

(usually after the 1st ip assignment, most modems wont send out another one)
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I cant get a encable ICS option on my network.