Hi all, just thought I'd post some news for some of my friends on BYOND.

We (my friends) recetnly were looking at some houses and places to rent. We found a nice 3 bed room, 1.5 bath room house for rent. It has a nice upstairs with 2 bed rooms, a kitchen and a bath room.

The downstairs is like a completely other house, with its own entrance, fully carpeted downstairs and another kitchen.

Both the upstairs and downstairs have A/C units as well.

They want $200 for a deposit and a $300/month rent. I just got off the phone with my mom and she is willing to loan me $500 to start off.

We have by thursday to get everything set up. We are hoping we can get our other roomates (2 of them) to get in on the house but they are currently under lease with a apartment.

Since it is only going to be the 2nd of the month tomarrow we are hoping he can beak lease early so we can start off with all 4 of us right away, but if not, we want to be able to cover rent for a month until he can then break lease.

Yeah thats what I've been doing, working and looking a home of my own.

I'll try to find more time later to post some new news. Until then keep on building!

Take these kinds of posts to your blog, thanks.