You know I've been seeing a lot of people lately saying:

"This game is asking people to add them to their favorites, they are so pathetic!"

I want to know where you get this from? Is this just another form of those lame Icon/Buiding game wars or what?

The way I see it, people work on their games and sometimes they can work hard on their games.

And I know when I was working on my last Dragonball Project, when people enjoyed my game, I requested they added me to their favorites to show their support.

I want to know what is actully pathetic about someone wanting people to add and give support for their game. So they add a small request in their banner or leave a message on their blog, big deal.

I know some of it might be pathetic. Perhaps the people that spam everyone asking for a spot on their favorites, or like those guys who spam "page all" asking for a slot. But a lot of these games are just looking for a little support and thats all.

The only thing pathetic here is the wars that all of these icon/chatting/building games have been having as of late.
Eh? I haven't heard anything about that..
Usually, if I like a game, I'll add it to my watch list. Then maybe after a few days of solid play, I'll add it to my favorites.

I agree that there's no reason to harass game makers who put them up, but at best they serve only as reminders. At the worst, they imply that rank is more important than a good game to the creator.

That's just my take on it, anyway. I suppose no one has any actual evidence as to whether it helps or hurts, so until then it's all preference.

If someone doesn't like looking at the banner or being told what to do, then don't look at it. They're not forcing you to add them to your favorites, just requesting it.
You're right, it isn't pathetic. However, in the past, I've seen people actually try to force people to vote for their games. That, in particular, is pathetic.
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Remember when there was that wave of "click my link for cash" nonsense? Someone threw up a game called "Proelium Training Grounds" where you could supposedly learn how to push a button that makes your character move sideways. All it was really for was Byond's automatic browser opening to one of those links. I wonder if the same thing is possible to force-vote games when people log in too.

I wish there was a toggle so that I could give permission when Dream Seeker wanted to use the Browser window.
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That was XxDohxX, by the way. :P
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It's possible. But I dare not post the snippet here.
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Yeah, and I got in big trouble for that. But see the real story behind that was that it really was a training grounds, or started to be. You learned different techniques that the players of Proelium used, and then when I was shown that rewardlinks crap, I was an idiot of course, and decided to make you browse to it. Anyways, what happened is Balzack came in, went and told Silk, that I was making money off of Proelium's name, I got banned from Proelium and in turn for my unban, I had to take the game down. Hasn't been up since.
The thing is, I just don't add games just because you ask, I add them because I like them. I'm not saying it's pathetic, but it does get annoying sometimes. As such, people would take it so far, they would ban you if you don't do it.
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It's not like there forcing you, it's a simple reminder/request.
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Vote Communist!
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Way ahead of you.