Yea I've been greatly absent from the forums for quite some time. Just wanted you guys to know that I'm okay for the most part.

I've had my gallbladder surgery the stones were completely shredding it so it had to come out. I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before but I decided that its better to run the risk of repeating myself.

The surgery prolonged my life, that is for certain, but it did not solve the lethargy or weakness. This was caused by b12 anemia. My immune system has attacked my digestive system in some parts and I can no longer produce cobalamin by myself anymore so I will be needing injections for the rest of my life. We assume that it is from the immune system because I have no parasites, diseases, or blast cells to speak of from tests that have been administered. That, believe it or not is good news. Trust me you don't want leukemia, i dodged a bullet there.

On lighter note, I have hired artists to illustrate my graphic novel. Just the first issue, A demonstration to show to publishers. With any luck they will want to produce it. I am garanteed to have it viewed by chief editors of two publishing companies due to the fact that I have helped some people out before they became published. It's good to help people when you believe in them, you never know where they will go with their lives.

I am also playing my first role in an independant film locally, it's fun but challenging. I definately enjoy it thoroughly, I'm not sure about my acting skills but so far I have heard no complaints and I've mentioned that I want them to be honest. I fear that they are just trying to get their job done as fast as possible and are sparing my emotions, which would suck. Well it's my first role and it's a slightly self insulting one but who gives, right? everyone starts somewhere.

Which leads me to my last point in this.. blog. I plan on creating a simulator using byond over the next few months, but I am greatly distracted with so much else in my life including my handsome little boy who has finished his first semester at preschool. I am not too proud that he is so violent though, I'll have to teach him that it's inappropriate to hit others. God - being a father is complicated but so rewarding.
Cheers to longer life and welcome back! Congratulations on the part in the film and your son. What is the movie you have a part in about?

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Well, I play a mentally handicapped older brother, not autistic, but arrested developement, has the mind of a child. His younger brother has to take care of him and feels its affected his life, so he plans to kill him. However, if it rains tomorrow we wont be able to finish it at all, which blows. Still, I know I have the capacity to act, if you can act handicapped and make it believable, you can act in anything.

I will never go into serious acting career, Id rather be an extra or a very minor role in anything, it would certainly help supplement my income when I'm going to college.

I don't know how active I will remain in forums, I'm comfortable with this layout but with my aspergers I tend to miscommunicate certain key phrases and it aggravates certain people. So I think it is best if I keep my activity light.