Can anyone tell me who did the sprite work for BetaQuest? I was looking at some of the sprites.. and I for one think they are fantastic. I'd like to know who made them.
it wasnt me
If you go to their website, it says "Gene Koch" made them. I don't know what their key is though.
Anyways why I was asking about the BetaQuest sprites is that I enjoyed them quite a lot, I thought about trying to revive the game. The classes were funny and the monsters were as well.

I tried my own hand at emulating the sprites..

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Mine are the smallers ones. Yay for Chibi.
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Eurobusker wrote:
it wasnt me

This wins my vote for Completely Useless Post Of The Year.
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Yes, Gene Koch made them. He is currently doing illustrations for children's books last I talked with him. If you mean "Byond key", I don't belive he ever had one.