has anyone seen the google video for SPORE the new game coming out from the creator of the sims in 2010?
2010? No way.

From a site found through google:
"# Release Date estimated April/May 2007 "
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Q1 2007. So Jan-April I belive.
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Hmm, 2o07, i guess it got held back for a year

*some time in winter Game informer issue*
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Go here to see spore movie !!!!

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Your a lier , learn to spell geeze.. and you got my hopes up you *beep*

its not a movie its just showing you the game play that link has been posted on the forums before and i bet most of the developers looked at it yes "SPORE RULZ"..
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A.T.H.K wrote:
Your a lier , learn to spell geeze..

Ya know takin' your own advice is usually a smart thing to do.
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The best part of that presentation was when he was trying to establish contact with the aliens :D (That was messed)
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It got cut short. There was also too much glare. Does anyone know of a better quality version and/or one that isn't cut short?
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I don't know about that version, but if you want here's a movie of a Spore presentation with Robin Williams giving it a go.

(The color distortion fixes itself in a few seconds, before anything happens)
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Did you watch the intro movie on the site? That stuff is funny, I watched it several times. Either way, I'm looking forward to it, but the site said late 2007, not 2010.