I got a bank issued money order to buy something on ebay. Now it seems that the guy might be a scammer. When I called to cancle the bank money order they said I couldn't. What the heck?
Cash it yourself.
Already been shipped. But I called him on the phone, he seems cool, so I am giving him a day or so.
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Ebay takes a strong stand agianst scammers and will call him to court if you have been scammed for sure you will get your money back no doubt about that no one wants to goto court with Ebay...
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Well I called him and he apologized for the problem and said he wasn't sure why his account was unregistered. He promised me he would send it out as soon as he got his money order.

I got his Name, Address and Phone number, and they are all valid, so that dosen't worry me. Also I just checked eBay and apperently if I file a claim, they will cover up to $200 with a $25.00 procesing fee.

Lets hope it dosen't come to that.
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Yes lets hope for his sake it doesn't come to that but you should never trust anyone on the internet with your money.