After a lot more work than should be, I finally got compiz working on my laptop. I had some major issues because X was trying to use something that was preventing me from overwriting a file.

If you haven't heard of it, you are probably one of billions, but it is really neet. It has many of the effects that are expected in Windows about a million more.

Check it out if you have time. Most of the effects need to be seen in action, screenshots can't compair. If anyone is interested, I am going to try to find the time tomarrow to run a VNC server to let some of you who are interested see it.

Time to go play...
Well, here is a basic example:

That is a Strong Bad email in the background, playing just fine, with clean audio and smooth playing even though the windows. There is a jelly effect when you move windows around. This is all running pretty well on my...1.8 ghrz laptop with i915 integrated graphics chip. I have a realtivly weak laptop, yet it is no problem for me to run all this. I couldn't imagin how my desktop would preform.

This is cool stuff.