When I logged onto byond,in news it said byond beta 6 released and I clicked the site to download.It downloaded it and I pressed open.All of a sudden a window with a percentage meter at the bottom came up and at the top it said deleting file 1 of 2683423.It had cancel at the bottom but I kept pressing that and nothing happened.Then I just ran for the plug and pulled it out.After turning on my computer,it did scan disk and it truncated like 7000000000000000000 entries then the startup screen came up.I entered my username and password and logged in to find that half of the stuff in my documents(useless stuff anyways)deleted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thank god it didnt go near my game files.Then after I did a Virus scan it brought up that I had two viruses.One was called trojan and the other was called BloodHound.memorywipe.They couldnt be deleted or healed for some strange reason and were moved to the virus vault.(Btw I have AVG free edition.Its supposed to scan everything I download before I download it)(and the virus vault is a free space in the memory of the PC that cant be breached).Now I ask you.HAS THIS HAPPENED TO ANYONE ELSE??!!?!?!!!?!?!?!!
There is no such thing as "BYOND beta 6".
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Try to actually form your sentences.

Now, when you say you downloaded a "byond beta"; did you click the "You have updates!" link, and there was a "game" named BYOND Beta 6 that you accidently got confused about? Even so, there's no way to spread around a virus, and BYOND, I believe, does not have access outside of the BYOND directory unless you tell it so.
Somebody tricked you into downloading a virus by pretending it was a new version of BYOND.
Incidently, check this out.

What does that mean? =/ I shut down firefox from the task manager since it looked dodgy.
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Good thing I switched to Linux When I did.
Look around google for the virus.
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Look at the bottom left corner of your Firefox,

Look at the title of the alert.

The site's (most likely) tricking you into downloading some of their crap.
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Why can't people get along together? =(
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A Google search for Amaena pulled up stuff about uninstalling it and listed it as spyware.

Amaena employs shady business tactics to lure the user into buying something that is not necessary. Amaena is a trojan that once installed, will create false popups urging the infected user their pc needs immediate attention. The sole purpose of these persistent popups are to create a false sense of security in hopes to spur a person into buying Amaena removal software.
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I think these shady compaines make more, if you payed them a dollar and it told you/gave you something to get rid of there crappy(forgot about swearing!) programs.
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Some actually try to do that. :/