LOL I can guarantee anyone who reads this will get a laugh anyways...

My laptop is dumb when I use my arrow keys stuff like "per41987daoicnao2371" pops up for no reason.

Delete starts WinDVD program and turns on capslock.

End makes somethin like ?>

and there're tons of crappy things like that... I hate this laptop... ;-;
Sounds like some form of virus or spyware. Either that or there's a serious software problem at a very low level!

Do you have a system restore disk that you can use to reset the laptop back to factory settings? That would probably be easiest. Make sure you back up any important data first!
In response to Crispy
Yeah i can back up everything... and I think there's somethin about system restore on here.. Im just not sure I want to do that yet.. but I may as well.. now that I use my desktop a lil now O,o