Im bored and I dont play any cuz I've gotten bored of all the others ones... help? lol.. I used to play Silkroad, Maplestory, Gunz, Rakion (I only dont play these 2 anymore cuz this gay laptop I have) and stuff like that.
Rubies of Eventide.
Kal ( - oriental based game. Not very often, and usually under my friends name though.
PuzzlePirates ( - its cute. cute works for me.

Thats about it. I don't play online very much.

I think I'll hang around this thread for a while to learn about new games I can try =D
Shadowbane, CakeRO

GunBound, Used to Play GUNZ but banned now, and WOW private server.
I caved in and signed up for a free trial of City of Villains last week. It isn't free, but it's free for 14 days. =) (I'm pretty near the end of the trial though.)

The client is absolutely huge - about 1.9 GB I think. It was slightly annoying to download! Still, it's not a bad game, and free is free.
Maple Story, PSO, assorted BYOND games.
In response to Nesso - PlaneShift has matured pretty well, and it's free too.
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Kujila wrote:
Shadowbane, CakeRO


Kuji, got aim/msn, or are you ever on Wizzchat? I've been trying to actually get CakeRO by updating my sak, no luck. :< takes a long times to download butttt its fun and its free
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I played Project Entropia (or Entropia universe, or whatever they call it not) at a friend's house and I thought it was pretty cool. It's free to play but you can opt to pay for in-game money (which you can then withdraw into real money again if you want).
I liked it. Check it out at (or, indeed,
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I like the look of that, and've just "Applied for Account" (o_O?) but why did it want my full home address? In the end I just put the truth: "Couldn't obtain permission to share" though I had to put my house phone - couldn't get away with that one.

They better not call me >_<
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I heard about that. In Guinness Wolrd Records 2006 it said a island on it was the most expensive virtual object, auctioned for around $20,000($200,000?) by someone called Deathifer (SP?)
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They'd probably only call you if there's a problem with the money side of things.
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I tried PE awhile ago. It was an ok game back then. There was actually a way for non payers to do stuff. Now they've taken away the pretty much only way for someone to play without paying. There was a way to get monsters stuck, by standing on a surface a bit above them, and then you could try to get essence or whatever from them. It's gone now.

As far as I know, there isn't anything else you can really do without paying. You need a source of income, but you need money to actually have a chance of getting income.
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Just make sure you update kRO and Sakray fully prior to unzipping the CakeRO files... then run CakeRO's patcher and let it work... any luck?

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You can still gather sweat, it's just more difficult. I don't know how long you'd have to gather for before you could get, say, some mining equipment, though.
The most expensive item on there was not, in fact, 'Treasure Island', but an orbiting space station which set back the owner a cool $100,000 US.
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Kro updating is no prob, but when Sakray is halfway done it gives me a window error. Result; I got the sprites, just not the weapon sprites.
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I just wanna get RO, but withought the 7 hour wait time for KRO and Sakray ><;
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