I made a pretty good TB battle system and I dunno what to do with it lol
ANYTHING really! If it isn't laggy, everything would be good with turn based!
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K.. turn based Zeta rip it is! XDDDD lmao

*is joking*
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Why not make a simple RTS type game? Have random maps with some objectives (cities, factories, gold mines, whatever) where players are assigned a start point and can generate various units to fight with.
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I would if I didnt hate RTS' XDDDD
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RTS: real-time strategy. It would not be RTS if it was turn based.

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RTS' still take turns practically.. anyway why you postin that here >_> I already made the battle system I just wanna know where I should stick it
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I've never seen a turned base RTS. Here's an example of a few RTS

Command & Conquer
Total Annihilation

and so on...