So that was interesting. I had surgery, made it through :)
Thanks for all the well wishing and all people.

I had morphine for the first time ^^; morphine is friend :D

I was already loopy from the anaesthetic so it only made the pain more bearable.

I couldn't see straight for nearly 5 hours.. That was the worst part of the surgery, not the pain.

Well thanks again everyone. I'm well now. Though apparently things were far worse than even the surgeon had expected. It was a good thing we had the gallbladder taken out.

I'll try to become more active in the byond community in the future but as things stand I need to focus more on my writing. When I'm done I will show you all some examples :D
Show us a picture of your gallbladder. :)
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Sarm wrote:
Show us a picture of your gallbladder. :)

I wonder if they put them in some kind of Pickle-like jar?
I've only had surgery once, but I totally loved being drugged up and being unable to see/walk straight. I even got carried around in a wheelchair by a hot nurse chick! It was wicked. It almost makes me wanna take drugs. ;p

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I didnt get to keep it, besides you wouldnt have wanted to see it, youd likely throw up. Doctor said it was about ready to die.