Yep, Im going in for surgery to get gutted on the 13th of April. It's nothing serious just an in and out procedure which will leave me in considerably more pain than I've been in these last 3 months.

So wish me luck everyone.
Good luck.
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good luck whoever you randomly are
In response to MechaCloud
Dareb is a well-known and respected member of BYOND. Not just some random smuck posting.

Good luck Dareb, hope it is far less painfull than you expect.
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Good luck Dareb. I just got out from under the knife, but nothing near what you're having.
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I only know him because I think I saw him online once in DWO. :P

Still, good luck with the surgery. Don't try to lose too many limbs!
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Scoobert wrote:
Dareb is a... respected member of BYOND.

That, my friend, is debatable ;P. Generally respected members on BYOND don't spam your pager because they were banned from your channel in Chatters. But what's done is done. Good luck, Dareb.
Whoa! I didn't know Dareb was pregnant!

Just messing, but really what kind of surgery are you going in for? Whatever it is good luck with ya.
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Gallbladder surgery to get rid of some gallstones that have been putting pressure on my pancreas and screwing with my liver
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Thanks, sorry I haven't been here alot, I have alot of things that need done IRL
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That is ancient history and I can't apologize enough for it.
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What did you have done? Vasectomy? Jub-jub removed from your nose?
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Oh sorry to hear that, well at least that can get taken care of. You really don't want anything to happen to your liver because that's the end of it.

I wish you luck, let us know how it all goes.
ah well good luck, break a leg ................. or not whatever .......