Oh thank god. finally surgery!!! april 13th, though kinda petty compared to my friends surgery on the 6th for spinal fusion... ouch.

Im having my gallbladder removed, in case you all haven't noticed previous posts, but that is where rapid weight loss gets you.. if it doesn't kill you.

So I dont want this topic just to be about me though, my problems over in just under a month so tell me your surgery stories :)
Well, I have a bowel shortning coming up on the 12th. Hope your gallbladder removal works out nice for you. Glad they are getting around to doing it.
I cracked my head on the curb when I was in 2nd grade.

We were at a neighbor's house. I was in my mother's van, swinging on a seatbuckle strap or something. I was pretending to be Indiana Jones.


I tumble out of the van and land, back of the head first, on the curb and start bleeding very badly. My mom steals a towel from the neighbor and wraps my head with it, throws me in the van, and tears down to the hospital. The nurse takes one look at me and said that I wasn't an emergency and I'd have to stay in the waiting room.

So I was lying there, in my mother's lap, for half an hour. All of the other patients started complaining that I needed to be seen right away. According to my mom, she told me that I said I was "getting very tired" and "I want to go to sleep".

Anyway, the doctor checks me out, puts me in another room, and shoots my head full of numbing medicine. He said I took about 10 stitches, "4 on the inside and 6 on the outside". I think the nurse got fired for making me wait.

I'll never forget that feeling of slapping my skull against the concrete, and going into shock. I'm feeling queasy already.
Around two years ago I was diagnosed with Pseudotumor, a condition where fluid doesn't drain properly into your spine and it stays in your head causing pressure on the eyes so you lose vision and pressure on the skull causing headaches. I already have an eye disorder that will make me go blind when I'm old; this just made it worse. I think it was last September I was told my vision was getting worse, and I could tell. I was sent to a bunch of doctors and the result was to get a shunt put into my brain and have it drain in my stomach. Even though it's the simplest of all brain surgeries, it still is VERY dangerous and there's a good chance that the shunt wouldn't even work. So I went to a group of doctors at a hospital in Hershey Pennsylvania. They checked me out and said that I didn't have Pseudotumor, that it was just a combination my other eye disorder (a build up of calcium deposits that people with the disorder usually get) and a vein in my head not being wide enough so not enough blood gets through (cure for that is just an Advil a day). I dodged getting brain surgery, and the odd thing is, in September my vision was 20/80 and in December it was back down to 20/50. I consider myself a very lucky person. It sort of gave me a whole different perspective on life.

I'm sure your surgery will go fine. My aunt had her gallbladder removed a couple of months ago and she's fine. Good luck!
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Meh. They made me sleep for a surgery once, and I wasn't actually asleep.
I could see everything, hear everything, think pretty clearly seeing as I still remember it, yet I couldn't move a muscle, not even breathe.
I then FINALLY fell really asleep when a nurse noticed my eye twitching.

Meh. That's just me ^^