Yet Another Generic Space-Age Conquest Game has been beat. No doubt about it...
It level 50, factorys turn into what seems to be shimmering gold, and at 100 they turn into this fading from yellow to green with a green scan line. Pretty cool. I don't think crispy programmed it for all that much in troops. That center planet actualy has 2,000,000+, not 20,000,000 like it looks, it is just missing the e+ to make it 2.xxxe+006. That was at about round 1700, the sad thing is, I clicked it by hand for all 1700 of those, expect about 30 which where timeouts while I went to the store.

After finishing the battle:
During this game, 3.99865e+006 ships were created and 426200 ships were destroyed.

I am so mean.
You broke it, well done! =P