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The bombs in the UK reminded me of Old Man Murray's posts about 9/11. I really liked that site. It took me this long to hear about a partial replacement, named CALTROPS, but it's not like I've been keeping up on my web reading anyway. Anywho, here's the posts I was thinking of...
America Under Attack
America Wins The War

PS: I just spent two days working on a bug in PathWrath which turned out to be a typo in a variable declaration. I'm going to pretend it was my Spidey sense tingling in response to the attack. It sounds so much more noble. Er... other than I didn't do anything about it.
Erik of Old Man Murray is still, fifty years after OMM's demise, the funniest writer I've ever read on the Internet. I think I found OMM about the same time I found Lum the Mad, since, IIRC, they were both part of the "Portal of Evil" affiliates group, and what Internet novice can resist an evil portal?

And he's a Clevelander, too! Actually I think he's from Shaker Heights or something, but close enough.