Adult Swim has started a new thing called "Fridaynight fix". Basicly, they stream thier shows on friday night for anyone to watch over the internet, commercial free! Check it out, see new episodes before they show on TV!

I mean it, watch!
That is awesome. Now I can multitask, instead of foregoing the shows in order to use the computer.

Thanks a lot for that info! I'll be sure to check it out on Friday.
Scoobert wrote:
Adult Swim has started a new thing called "Fridaynight fix".

New? It started September 16th of last year >_>
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Triple post! o.o
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Meh, sorry about that. The page wouldn't load so I opened up a new one and made a reply and clicked reply again, but it still didn't load so I exited out.
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Really, they just started talking about it about a month ago, and besides, septemeber wasn't that long ago, only a few months. You make it sound like they have been doing it for years. It is new, just not brand-new.
Thanks for reminding me, I almost forgot last night.
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maybe he watchs it every night and so it seems like years to him? :)