All of you out there, remember, holidays are fun, but that is no exuse for drunken driving. It kills, it killed my aunt and cussin just a few hours ago, I mean it, there is no reason to drink and drive. My aunt was sober, the driver of the car that ran into her was not. This is a time for joy, don't let your life end in prison just because you felt 10 foot tall and bullet proof. Merry Christmas.
Damn. Sorry to hear that. Some people will never learn.
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Well, the man who did it will, he will probably get 2 counts of murder for it, and I take no pitty on him. I don't want you to feel sorry for me, I just don't want you making someone else feel the way my family does. My cousin was only 3, she turned 3 only 2 days ago. She had everything to live for, and now, it has ended. I feel bad, but I want you all to think about it. You may have drove drunk a million times, and nothing happened, but if something did happen that one millionth and one time. Don't just think about your life, think about all the 3 year old girls you might, and if you try long enough, probably will kill. I am not the one to drive a point like this normally, but I want you all to know, driving drunk can, and probably will, KILL. It is never worth it. Like I said, don't feel sorry for me, but next time you are drunk, think twice about picking up the keys, and make sure your friends do too.
I'm sorry to hear about your loss.

My great aunt and uncle were also driving sober, killed by a drunk driver. Luckily they swerved so they took the main brunt of the impact...saving my second cousins (all 3). They all got pretty severe brain damage, but they got off easy in comparison to your cousin.
Just bumbing this to remind you guys, don't drink and drive, it can kill, and it did.