First isn't really a friend, so much as an acquaintance of a friend. Very talented, very successful writer of "Bizenghast" and winner of Tokyopops'
Rising Stars of Manga!


The next is a friend who is developing a kick ass manga called "Best Laid Plans" Lots of panties, oversized breasts, and hot elf chicks.

also his brother wrote some music for "BLP" that will go to a promotional video for it. Here it is Call%20on%20the%20Fire%20-%20Hazel%20Song.mp3

And Last, but not least is my good friend Novemberwolf, an incredibly skilled writer with more than a few stories in developement, one being published as we speak.

ALSO - He has music on bitclick,... clickbit... w/e He is known there as "Too Many Sundays"

Keep an eye on these people, they are definately going places.
Sounds interesting, i think i keep an eye on atleast one of them,
Dareb, you probably don't remember me very well but hey! I actually was thinking about you the other day. All things going well?
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As well as things could be going... not personally though.

That would take alot of work.. work I'm far too lazy to do at the moment. My son is going to preschool now and is having alot of fun, my girlfriend is going for her drivers' license.. so things are 'moving' so to speak.

Lately I've had alot of people noticing my story designs so I am probably not going to have a whole lot of time to spend in BYOND.

Im still online alot..
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That's good man. I hope everything goes really well for you. I'm not sure why I just started thinking about you, but you crossed my mind. One of the reasons I came back to BYOND, I wanted to see how you were. I wish you the best.

(P.S. - If that's your son on your deviant he's cute, very.)
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thanks for your concern.. Yea that's my son there. He makes his daddy so proud. He's loving preschool. There is no garantee that I will continue posting on these forums though, so if I disappear know that you can contact me on dA
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Wow, preschool at ~2? Is that when they're supposed to go?

I don't know... I never went (not that I'd remember it if I went at 2, but meh)...
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At 2 they can go for half a day, at 3 its a whole day.

It helps prepare children for kindergarten and the rest of school. It is not free.. Though it is usually held in public school, parents must pay for their children to go to preschool before the age of 4.