Ok...ive gotten somewhat far on this, as I have found those lists that carry all the text variables, and the alphabet storage thingy. The only thing I can't figure out is how to interpret the character sets that are god knows where! The good thing is that they are black and white, but there has to be some way of "Defining" which one is black and which one is white... A lil help is in need!
*blink* You're doing what? Heh, cool. =D

This is pretty specialised knowledge... I'd imagine that you'd get more responses on a forum dedicated to this stuff. Or by emailing someone who knows about it.
That is cool and all, I have one of those, infact, but I have to ask, what is the point?
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I really don't know. It's a four day weekend, and I have nothing to do... Well, if it is possible, it will basically change around the graphics and stuff. I already made it say "AM Radio" instead of "FM Radio" but the problem is that it has an checksum verifyer thingy that blocks any type of editing...crap...