this is slow, but cool.
Ok, to clearify that, I was posting from my X-Box. No, not linux, a normal x-box program(well, not normal as in a product to buy, but an exucable). I nice web browser, it could even show pictures. It comes with the newest version of X-Box Media Center, a nice addition to it(Among a lot of others). If I had an X-Box keyboard, or even a free USB keyboard, it would actualy be functional. The X-Box sticks work well as a mouse, but the on screen keyboard is bad, better than most, but still bad. Anywho, I found that to be cool.
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So, they finally got around to merging LinksBox into XBMC. :)

I have been using it since version 7.0, and can type at a decent speed using the on screen keyboard. You can read bout it's current development here

But, you havnt seen cool untill you play a BYOND game or something on it ;).

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i would imagine that since an xbox runs a specially modified version of windows, you could probably set up some sort of fullscreen BYOND installation to run on it. maybe from type of xbox-formatted CD?
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The xbox needs it's own custom compile of everything. It uses the xbox build FatX file system, and its executables are .xbe's.

I havnt had the chance to play with real xbox code using the SDK, because I dont have Visual C++. :(