The big news in my area(Greater Charlotte, NC area) is a shortage of gas. Most gas stations are out, and those who aren't will be by tommarow. This is crazy. Evidently, because of the large power outage, the pumps that pump gas to the east coast have stopped. We are very quickly running out of gas.
I know that all the deaths and loss of property is bad where Katrina actually affect, but it is causing more widespread problems. I filled up(Not because of the shortage, but because my gas light was on, and had been for a while). Gas prices have jump 50c-$1 in 1 day! That is horrible. Evidently, this is effecting most of the East Coast, or at least the southern East Coast. Gas has gone though the roof. Charlotte will shutdown without gas. We do not have a rail system (well, not one capable of handling even 1/20 of the working population), the same goes with buses. So mass transportation is out. So if we run out of gas, we cannot function, it just is not possible. Most people who work in Charlotte(The banking capital of the USA) do not live in Charlotte, but live at least 20 miles away. Too far to ride a bike.

And once again, we are the *Banking Capital of the USA! What do you think it will do to the economy when most of the major banks have to stop 50% of their function because they don't have anyone to work.

*After sep. 11 attacks on the WTC, New York might have taken that tittle back already.
Yeah, I know. I paid almost $4.00 per gallon today.
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Ya, soo much for Baby Bush's supposed "energy plan" to reduce gas prices a while back, eh? Ya, that worked damn perfect. I say they should stop diverting the man hours & valuable tax dollars to "search & rescue" back to where it belongs: rebuilding & repairing the oil riggs. I know it sounds cruel & heartless but, look at it this way - the idiots that they're rescuing were told & warned DAYS in advance to get the heck out, it's their own fault for them having to camp out on their roofs - I say let them sit in their own mess for a while to think it out. All they're doing is delaying natural selection.
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It was still only about 2.60 today so ill consider myself lucky...
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Me too w00t for Midwest =P

I think it will be creeping up though =[

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Ha! How about those that had no way of getting out, huh? Put yourself in their situation before you start saying they should have left.
I live on Long Island, New York. Gas prices jumped about 60-70 cents overnight here. Went to $3.30 per gallon (actually 9/10th of a gallon I believe).

I sympathize with you, I understand how an important resource such as gasoline can shut down places. The northeast had a large blackout 2 years ago, on August 14th, and everything stopped for at least 12 hours becuase of the blackout.
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Makubezu wrote:
Ha! How about those that had no way of getting out, huh? Put yourself in their situation before you start saying they should have left.

"No way of getting out" - you know what I say to that? - bull crap.
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Kitrana has done america bad but ameriac has done others worst
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Edge657123 wrote:
Kitrana has done america bad but ameriac has done others worst

Heh, like we did to Iraq, right?
It's a bad thing. But what can you do? We can't stop hurricanes and Katrina hit in a really bad spot.
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Tiko wrote:
It's a bad thing. But what can you do?
Well, I know of ONE thing they could do - set a national price mark up. Make it so they can only mark up the price of gas to cover their costs & actually enforce it until it's resolved.
I pay about $35.00 to fill up my tank. It's $3.02 per gallon.
I expected this and filled up a few days ago... =)
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Teh Governator wrote:
"No way of getting out" - you know what I say to that? - bull crap.

From what I hear (not that I know a lot about it of course), there were a lot of poor people living in the area - people who may not have had cars. Sure, they could have left on foot, but then they're leaving all of their possessions behind, free for the looting. If they didn't realise how severe the damage would be (and I'm willing to wager they didn't), staying home would have been an attractive option for some.
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Please don't bring that crap into this thread. The fact that you are generalizing about false "facts" is bad enough, but you are pulling in something completely off topic just to make a scene.
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Well, I live near New Orleans, maybe 20 miles away and it is so horrible. This is calamity is leaving hundreds maybe thousands dead, and thousands without power and water and any supplies. My Uncle and his family, is moving to Texas, they are enrolling their kids in school right now as we speak because my Aunt and Uncle's Jobs are underwater in New Orleans and aren't expected to come back. We may be moving too, not decided yet. Our house still has not power, but we do have water. We have to boil the water first though to use it. I am staying at my other Aunt's until our power is back. My house didn't have much damage thank god. I am glad though, on how many people have came to help and rescue people. This is a very horrible disaster that I wish did not happen. It is effecting everyone everywhere because of the oil rigs in the Gulf Of Mexico had to shutdown. One even floated under a bridge near New Orleans. New Orleans, Kenner, Metarie, Jefferson, Grand Isle, Plauqemines Parish were or are underwater. They expect Grand Isle will never come back, noone knows because only some people went down there and only got so far and the water was already 20ft and they had awhile to go. We expect that Grand Isle will never be Grand Isle again. The Looting in New Orleans is horrible. They caught people on tape but still cannot do things. I mean I could let someone go who is stealing food for their families cause they have no supplies, but someone who is stealing a tv or radio, no, not going to happen. They are still hundreds not rescued because they have noone to be rescued by. It is just a calamity and I dont know if this area will ever be the same. Pray for the People of Louisiana please, and help in anyway you can.
It's like $5 here. =(
Per gallon.
Man..This is gonna be a huge problem..The gas pretty much is the cause and effect of this thing along with the destruction of Katrina, heres how I see it:

gas prices went up---->Ppl wanted to save a lil gas money, hotel expenses and/or thought they could hold out so they stayed at home instead of leaving ---->Thousands of people in danger, dead, homeless, etc.--->gas supply is severely shortened--->gas price rises--->people suck it up and buy gas at high price because its in short supply--->out of gas--->everything dependant on gas shutsdown--->total chaos...

Feel free to disagree/agree
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Maybe this is the beggining of the end of the word, or a giant disaster...

That sounds crazy....but it could be happening..this could be like the Dust Bowl, or Great Depression, cuasing chaos and distruction and things...
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