If anyone else is intrested i'll post how to do it.

Edit: Dont mind the stuff in the DS window I was testing some stuff....

Edit: gallery.aspx?SID=5403&view=1&sortby=8&sortdir=desc&p=1&advan ced=0&searchtxt=copperdeckii&UID=552
^ Skin ( there are more )
^ Windowsblinds

Now, they are default to do everything. But you can configure them in the settings. I think...
Bad a**, but im gonna pass on doing it... but still, that is coool.
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I am interested on how to do it, do you mind telling me how?

->Calus CoRPS<-
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I edited the post.
thats cool.
Awsome!!!!!!!! That is wicked!!!!!!Seriously.
Wait 'til the next BYOND version. :P
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I believe you have to have a registered version of Windows Blinds in order to get this.

You could also use some sort of "Registry Editor?" to edit the BYOND grahpics, but I don't exactly know how to do something like that.
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Registered - Windows Me/2000/Xp Supported
Free - Windows XP only.

I have it...and im loving it. :P
*COUGH*Gratz to limewire for this*COUGH*

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Why not just get a themexp patch? That way you don't have to use a program. Plus, Windows Blinds(at least in the past) comes with spyware. I used to use styleXP, then found out I don't need it.
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Im about to run spybot SD now.... to check.

Edit: Just the usual Limewire adware. -.-
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You got a link to that themexp? I tried searching but it came up with TONS of different stuff. Like pop up blockers/ ect.
This Vans dude sounds like a baby... >.>
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I just got mine set up, I love this new Look. Thanks!
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I'mn having a problem here. :(

It's not a valid Win32 application. (The Icon Package.)
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I get that same BS. I've been sitting here for a few hours trying to get this icon package in.... if I find out how I will let you know. :P
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I've figured it all out. :)
Downloading these will allow you to get the other options.

Icon Package: Here</a href>
Here</a href>
Here</a href>
Boot Skins:
Here</a href>

Let me know if I missed anything. =D
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What the hell is a boot skin?
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I don't know, and haven't DLed it yet. Also, I have a problem with the Icon Package one, when it changed my Desktops icons, 90% of them went to "BMP" which is supposed to be for imge.bmp type files. And when I go to manually change it, it only shows the changed icon in the Start Menu, not the one on the Desktop. :(
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