Well in about 6 hours ill be on the bus heading to Baltimore,Maryland. Man it's so exciting to finally be able to go to such a huge event.

For those of you who aren't aware, Otakon is one of the largest anime conventions in North America. I'll try to pitch some of my comics and stories but I won't bet on anyone recognizing me. My stuff is good, not great.

A few of my buddies from DeviantArt will be coming along too.

Well, thats about it, bye.
Hey i live in maryland. Never heard of Otakon Though.
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Me too lol, I live in Bowie ( PG County ). I used to live across the street from the Benjamin Tasker ( where boy goy shot my DC Sniper ) I even went to that school I was right across the street when it happened we were playing football we just though a tire popped but then my step dad came and told us and we was like, lol stfu then we saw helicopters and police cars so we all ran home. :P But we moved 2 months ago to somplace near Allens Pond and near Pointer Ridge elem. :P

EDIT : Never heard of otakon though.
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You live in PG County? I think my friend used to live there. He got robbed for His northface over there lol .

EDIT:I live in gaithersburg by the way.
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Erhm, to say the least. It happens alot.
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I live in Texas, and its fun. I have heard of Otakon..