HTML Validation Result

line 183 column 83 - Error: discarding unexpected
line 328 column 1 - Error: discarding unexpected
line 342 column 1 - Error: discarding unexpected
line 342 column 6 - Error: discarding unexpected

4 errors / 200 warnings

These are all HTML errors found on the forum index. On this page, it finds 6 erors, you guys really should clean up your html(Actualy, it could be a bit more of odd placement, than error in the code)

I am using FireFox with the web developer extention, with html validater. As you can see, there where 200 warnings too, but most of which where harmless, but still should be looked at.
W3C got too strict about two years ago, most of the errors the validation process lists now-a-days are stupid errors that don't cause any problems for any browser, it's just not prefered. Sometimes it's just people that handcode large sites by hand and don't use a program (outside of a simple text editor), so there's bound to be a few problems here and there, but nothing that causes any issues.
In response to Nadrew
I have found that many WYSIWYG editors tent to make many, many errors. There are a few good ones that do a good job of both clean code and use CSS(Like dreamweaver).