When the heck are they going to transfer the cash so my byond membership activates? Im getting agrivated..
Yeh, I ordered their debit card... It's been like 2 and a half weeks and I still haven't got it.
I boughted you one AGES back and Digital Samauri (or something) one recently.

Goddamnit, I KNOW it works...or at least it should. y iz it nt wrkin?
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:( why didnt you buy me one.
Never rely on paypal. It's horrible. Ebay and Paypal are both bad. I only used it to buy a few subscriptions. They probably get sued all the time. If you do anything with Ebay or Paypal, don't count on it.
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Merciless Warrior wrote:
They probably get sued all the time.

Very, very unlikely.

ToS that you agree to during registration protects them from just about everything, while at the same time allowing them to do just about anything.

One of these days I'll get around to adding accounts to mine, have about $700 from various things sitting in there that I can't do anything with besides getting payed out in the form of a check, which if I didn't need it for a couple things (ie. BYOND membership) I would.
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Exactly what problems have you encountered with Paypal? I use it heavily and have never had a problem that can be traced to Paypal. I've had problems with merchants I bought from not coming through, but that's not a Paypal problem any more than getting cheated in a cash deal is a problem with the U.S. mint. :P
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Yeah, some people may get some problems, but I see no reason at all for someone to call paypal, or ebay, that bad. My mom's full occupation used to be ebay selling, now she does that and a full time job. She needs to keep selling stuff on ebay, to make enough money, and she's been using it for a long time. That and paypal, which she uses for most transactions. As far as I know, she's had almost no problems using either service, as you said, the only problem she ever encounters is with other people.
Membership went through after a looooooooong wait.
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Did you pay in USD? Apparerntly Tom has to really jump through hoops to process payments made in non-US dollars.
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It's nice, you'll love it =)
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Awe Elly, how sweet. =P
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I think Elly prolly paid in quid. :p
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I wanna pay in coopens(ron white...)