I have nothing to play, which makes for a very bored jermman. I hear about all these awsome games coming out, & there development, but I never actually see these games ever come out! so finish your games people!

Games im waiting for:
-Last robot standing (even the screenies make me drool)
-Guildmastery (Funnest game on the planet)
Comming up with a game idea is easy.
Starting a game is fairly easy.
However finishing a game much much harder to do with any level of professionalism.
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wow, that was a fast reply. heh.
Byond wise or real world wise? 0_0
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Im bored with byond and all my other games, too easy. I have not met a single person that can beat me in any fps.
Hey, you want it now or you want it right? :P I can rush a game out to have it playable within a week or even a day, but that's why most (all) of my projects to date ended up self-destructing.

Besides of which, I don't have graphics for everything yet. :P
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Way to pass the buck!

That no good so-and-so artist of yours had better get to
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SuperSaiyanGokuX wrote:
Way to pass the buck!

That no good so-and-so artist of yours had better get to

Ya, you - get to work!
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Firstly, don't confuse an explanation with an excuse, nor an excuse with blame. :P The fact that I don't have the artwork is an explanation of why the game could not be immediately forthcoming even if I was in a rush to get it out, nothing more.

Secondly, either my notoriously poor memory has completely muddled the terms, or I'm passing a little bit more than a single buck here.