My jump drive lived though a washing in the cloths washer. It took a full cycle and still has all data safe and sound on it. A cycle involvs flooding the inside of the washer, so it did get compleatly soaked. But it still works, all the data is on it, and seems to be in good shape. That is extreemly cool. I figured it would be dead for sure.

Actualy, most electronics can survive water if they have no power going though them at the time. You just have to wait till it is compleatly dry before using again.

I am just happy all the data is on there, I havent done a backup on it in a long time.
That's the thing with newer electronics, even if they're on they usually have proper failsafes to keep the boards from shorting out when wet (shuts off before the short can happen). And since the only thing harmful to electronics while wet is a short (or power surge) it effectivly prevents water damage in most cases.

Reminds me of an optical mouse I have, I was taking it out to the car one day and it slipped off the top of the tower and right into a deep mud puddle (3 feet or so deep), I had to wait for the puddle to dry up before I could get it. After I did the mouse sat for a day or so to dry, lets just say it's the mouse I'm using right now =P.
That happend to an old pokémon yellow cartridge of mine.

It worked for a few more months, but now its dead ;_;
If you haven't done so, I'd recommend backing it up now...

Depending on the materials used in its construction, rust may become a factor in the near