I have been searching for a windowsXP gecko(mozilla) file browser to simi-replace explorer. I cannot find one, but I would really love one. I hate explorer almost as much as I hate IE. A FireFox extention would be cool.

Anyone know of one? It doesn't "Have" to be gecko bases, I just like the gecko engine.
try this in the address bar:


that ought to bring up the root directory of C as a list of links- problem is that it looks like a webpage, which is probably not what you want.

better off with something like TotalCommander

In response to digitalmouse
I dont really like the duel drive look. Never has apealed to me. I love konquerer (KDE's File Manager), but they do not have a windows version, and the closed thing I could find involved a remote *nix desktop.

The problem with the list o' links it gives your in FF is that it cannot be used to manage files, only view them, and on top of that, it trys to redownload anything you want to open.

In otherwords, thanks, but no thanks, Total Commander just isn't what I am looking for.