Darke Dungeon is discontinued. After 4 years in development, I've realized this project is a bust. There is no way I can possibly finish such an ambitious project with the BYOND engine. I quit! For more details, read here.
Nooooo! I've never played Darke Dungeon, but NOOO! April Fools day sucks. >_>
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I saw the topic title and knew instantly. =P <font size=-5>Then again, that might be because I'm not entirely celebrating April Serious People's Day either.</font>
YAY!!! <small>(for updates :P)</small>
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Damn, I thought I cashed in on more graphics. =-(
I was about to reply with something like, "Hey, I'm still working on Maeva, and it's been 5 years for that, but thanks for the source code"

darn... hehe
Well, that's about the funniest thing I've come across today, egads Shadowdarke, you almost gave me a heart attack...
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Well, if you think that's funny, check this out!