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Whatddya think now?

(I was told to post this by kaga-kami)

Looks like the solution is:

Use your brain.

Don't go on dodgy sites selling you "free stuff".

If you're using Firefox, then you must have at least some bit of 'net knowledge to know that IE is inferior protection wise.

So you should already have the protection built in- in your brain. Common sense.
And in other news microsoft released it's beta version of it anti-spyware program. Formaly Giant Anti Spyware. Don't knock it because of microsoft, It Is hard to beat. default.mspx
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Odd. I would have thought that Microsoft's recent "ignorance" to the spyware crisis was because of one thing: Revenue.

Computer fools, thinking their computer was "aging" because of rampant spyware, go to Microsoft and buy a new computer.

Thusly, Microsoft get more money!

Spyware is helping the computer industry move so fast! It powers your forums, it makes your graphics proccessors!

It's a Capitalist conspiracy!
Okay, so lets look at it this way. HOLY CRAP SOMEONE FINALLY FOUND AN EXPLOIT IN FIREFOX. It's bound to happen, eventually. I'm sure they will fix the problem.. on the other hand. HOLY CRAP, MICROSOFT MIGHT FIX A PROBLEM.

See the difference? ;)
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Elation wrote:
It's a Capitalist conspiracy!

You obviously haven't seen their new ads. Microsoft cares about small business, kids and the future (and I'd assume loves puppies too). =P
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I bet they don't care about penguins!

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Kujila wrote:
I bet they don't care about penguins!


Oh that's just wrong! :,(
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If you're talking about the same ads that I'm thinking about... I saw it for the first time, and thought "hmm, I wonder what company this could be?" So I watched it all the way through until the Microsoft logo came up, and then I laughed until I cried.

"Happy children going to school... blah blah... blah blah... pretty swirling lines... announcer talking about futures and stuff... blah blah... MICROSOFT."

So incongruous, and yet so funny!
i think Kami is just sore that IE is still worse off than Firefox in many aspects, and because he was banned from the forums for a while for inappropriate behaviour, he is using you to try and start meaningless flames. how does it feel to be used?

that said, if you pay attention to the article you'll come to realize that this is *not* a super-tragic flaw, and is a flaw "caused by the dialog box incorrectly displaying long sub-domains and paths, which can be exploited to conceal the actual source of the download." since this originates from mal-formed urls embedded in HTML emails, one would think that people should be a bit more diligent in what they click on in their emails anyway. i bet if you looked deep enough in the Microsoft Knowledge Base you would find a similar fault in the past (maybe even still exists). You certainly will find more damaging ones.

the article also points out "it's unlikely that we'll see hackers rush to exploit this vulnerability..." "...After all, Firefox has a much, much smaller install base than IE and it's likely that hackers will continue to pay more attention to [IE] instead."

yes, it is a flaw, yes, the developers are making a fix (more than i can say regarding several existing holes in IE still), and no it will not stop people from switching as Firefox and it's related family of products gains popularity.