It's been too long since DD was hosted. I'll be hosting from 8:00 am EST to at least 2:00 pm EST. I'll host longer if I can.

Spread the word to all the other fans. :)
Tom... tomorrow? PRAISE ALLAH!
Blasted, sounds like I won't be home at all to usual -- I swear you do this to spite me!
don't forget, SD, you have a digitalBYOND account that you can use for longer seesions of DD - it looks like the hosted copy of BYONDtabletop does not get used much on my server (people seem to enjoy hosting their own), so you could reuse it for DD easily enough.
Excellent! I'll definately be there if I can pull it off. (Read: Not get dragged out for some long event.)
Hm. Besides the oh so satisfying two hours i had during this day; i have an irrelevant question.

When you do begin to release it, will it be customizable to the host's whims? Such as, but limited to an extent, inserting custom materials such as objects and mobs?

Didn't really know where else to ask. Stupid question, since the answer is probably, most definitely, a no.

A GameMaster host will most definately be able to customize it to their whim. Most of my work on it the past couple of years has been devoted to making Darke Dungeon flexible and extensible for exactly that purpose!

Just yesterday I was talking with several fans about making a server that steps outside the fantasy genre. Not a problem at all. The GameMaster can easily modify, remove, or create items and mobs and apply a full spectrum of tweaks to make their server a unique world. Someone made the comment that it seemed more like a game maker than a game. ;)

I've written some blurbs about the types of subscriptions and what they are capable of at index.dmb?page=Subscriptions.

The Darke Dungeon forum at is probably the best place for inquiries. I check it far more often than my member page.
Darke and I are looking for someone that knows server-to-client transfer...stuff in Java that might be able to help us with our current project :) RSVP or whenever you feel like it.
Save me Darky... this class is killing me. It has nothing to do with object-oriented programming. -_-
He's so cute omg...ask me later :p I need to vent.