Quite the URL to get peoples' attention. This website is one big riddle. Every part with a photo contains clues to get to the next riddle. I do not know where where it ends, and yes, I know it is very hard. I personally have gotten to the third riddle (photo) alone, and can get to the fourth (I know the password, but I didn't find it myself. I want to know how my friend found it). I want to know how you people do, and how far you can get.

Good luck to you, if you wish to give 'this' a try.
This doesn't make any sense to me at all.

It looks like something that is about to use malicious code on your computer, and it isn't exactly clear where you put the answer to the riddle and which pictures to use.
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Part of the riddle is finding the riddle.
In response to Garthor
Part of boredom certainly isn't doing this. o.o
I kinda cheated on the second one. Opening the page html source and selecting all of it (in Firefox) gives some interesting results...
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That's what you're supposed to do.
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Garthor is damn right. In the small amount of extra time I've been working on this, I have gotten through a full 14 pages (including ones not having photos). I have no more passwords that I need to find. If I did not find the point of 'finishing', in this sense, then I must find another clickable part or a clue to a remote link.

I have gotten very wasn't easy...easily the hardest riddle I have ever taken part in since the Myst series (I own Exile (Myst III), yet I have yet to play it).

As far as I know, noone on the Internet has found an obvious end (a screen that makes it all make sense, or that congratulates you). Possibly how the author of this massive riddle wanted it. Just remember everyone, there IS a way to find out where to go next. I want to figure out as a mass what you guys can uncover (and don't just find the passwords by searching Google, you have to know why it works, otherwise it only makes the riddles harder to understand and uncover (yes, they do make sense, in a sense).

Once again, good luck. I hope you guys can surpass how far I have gotten.
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Me and my friend Kristen were able to get to the "moth" lights page with all the references to wizard of oz, and past the "curiositykilledthecat" light at the bottom, and past the page after that to the candle made out of lightened text.

My head hurts.

He had to get a few hints from a forum, but all the hints we got were jsut the translated ascii text so we wouldnt have to do it ourselves.
I have absolutely no clue as how that even works, so im not gonna even try.
Anyone else get to the 5 images of the heads on a controling stick thing? Glurg that thing is creepy... I Can't look at it for more than a few seconds... It's staring into my soul...
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I always find this relaxing,
Have a go at it!
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I don't trust still images anymore.

Not after that "Junk house picture that scares the living crap out of you when a ghost pops out after about 30 seconds" happened.
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Hahahahaha... Exactly the same thing for me. Ever sense then, I just can't keep them on the screen for more than a few seconds if they seem suspicious.
In response to Kunark
You could always rightclick it to see if the image is really just a flash or Gif. Because if it comes up like a Jpg (like the sailboat picture) then it ain't moving.
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I can't get passed the "cut me" part, I mean, I think I know the password, but not the username. Or visa versa.
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Are you talking about where it says "CUT AND CUT AND CUT"?
In response to Kunark
That's the one, I have quite a few clues. I just can't peice them together.
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On the "Asia awaits" page, copy all of the text, put it in notepad (turning the font smaller doesnt hurt) and turning word wrap off. You'll see the main clue then.
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I said I have all those clues, but I still can't get it. =/
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"Alexander cut me,"
"An (some word) me,"
"A future king tied me,"
"Say my name to clear your path"
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