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I want one =D, and I don't even like Star Wars.
IF it was meant for dualing, I'd so get one. But if I can't fight with it, bah. I'd much rather myself a 52" blade, which I am getting once I get a job >_> Anywa, ftw I want one too, so I can bludgen people todeath yelling "I am Darth Vader, hear me roar!". Not really, but it'd be funny hitting someone over the head with it in school =D
It is meant for dueling. You need to reread that. They had to say that it wasn't for liability purposes.

"Q: Can I use my Force FX lightsaber for dueling?:
A: This product should not be used to strike others. Although the blade is very durable, it should never be used for fighting or dueling. The Force FX lightsaber was produced as a collectible; it was not intended for dueling. That said, we've had several successful Lightsaber battles here at the ThinkGeek offices. How can you resist especially with the 'clash' sound effects that occur when the blade strikes another object?"
I've toyed around with one in Best Buy before, their well built. My brother and I had a go at a little, toned down duel, but we didn't bash the crap out of each other's blade, as employee's were watching. Nicely done on the SFX area.
I'd still prefer bamboo training sticks.
Aww... for a second there, i thought you ment actual light sabers were the blade was actually a real laser, or whatever it was in star wars.
You people love bumping DSN's topics, don't you? >.>
They look good, id like to have one, but just for collecting, not deuling with,