Download, like 8 megs or something

I'll do Jamesburrow later tonight. That one's a little over half an hour. It's pretty good.
My brothers are watching a movie, so I'll listen to it when it's over.
Wow, his voice... need to increase the volume though.

"Weeeell, sometimes people perceive things rather different."
"... problahms"

"What do you think about the people on Converse like Mertek and Thorg?"
"B plus."
"But even then I'm a hard cookie... even more harder than a... olympic judge."

... "Wellll, I like wiz_chat." (Developous)
"No, no you don't."
"You don- you don't like wiz_chat though."

"For the reference, I almost never lie, the exception is to persuade people to my games."
"To your games... so what do you lie about to get people into your games?"
"I would almost lie about anything to persuade someone to play a game for, but then again I try to stay honorable when I can."
"So for example, you might say, "If you come play my game, I'll give you a blowjob," correct?"
"Nooo, I don't technically lah(???), like basically I only lied as a motive towards it... I don't like... bribe lie."
"Well you don't bribe lie, you're like, "If you come to my game, someone might give you a blowjob." Or do you say, "In my game, uh, there's a million players and it was made by professionals and there's no black people allowed 'cuz nobody likes black people." Like, stuff like that?"
"I wouldn't lie about that either, basically just personal... a personal honorable level of lying. It's rather difficult to explain. More like, it isn't lying."

"Are you religious, Developous?"
"I... is. That's one of the weird things. Sometimes I've been known to use words in a more... symbolic method."
"Symbolic, like what?"
"Like... 'I am religious' doesn't do are(???). 'I are religious' would be rather extreme, and is, I live for it."
"Okay, now if someone were to say, "Wow. That's an extremely retarded way to talk." How would you respond to that?"
"I knew that. Everybody says that."

"I understand." (Ben G)

"I think EzrahChan would be upset if you decided to say that humans are better than animals, cuz EzrahChan thinks he's a cat. That's kinda weird." (Ben G)

"... I don't really like talking about anything to do with sex, politics, and religion." (Developous)
"What if you... what if you, um, put them all into one? Like there were, um, two gay priests who were running for President against each other, but they had sex alot."
"It is... not exactly a rule, it's just a principle."
Reese Pieces!
I thought it was a very interesting interview. As of now, I feel much more informed of Developous's personality, and have more of a sense of the man-behind-the-Developous.
you won't tell anybody right?
Good job, Ben. I laughed.
Man, I totally win. I was part of the conversation for a good amount of time.
I'll try and make a transcript of the interview later on.
I kinda noticed you guys kept calling it "beyond"...

I've always called it "Bi on d"
If you made a transcript, that'd be sweet. It's also pronounced Beyond.
Says who >_>
Oregon's dumb huh?
Tree's and nothing huh?

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Haha you want me to think that you live in Oregon but you DON'T because Oregon doesn't have real people there. :rolleyes:
Artemio: I'll try and make a transcript of the interview later on.

That would be great! It took me about 30 minutes to download on my 56k connection.
I kinda noticed you guys kept calling it "beyond"...

I've always called it "Bi on d"

I pronounce your name "Byg Boe Eeed"
Since the topic of this post doesn't really interest me, I only have the following to add:

"BYOND" is pronounced as "Beyond" as this was the intention of those who named it...

Otherwise, things like "A step BYOND" and "The Great BYOND" (and other various phrases thrown about this site that use "BYOND" in the place of "Beyond") wouldn't be the ingenious plays on words that they are...

So there really is no other (correct) way to pronounce it... It was designed to sound like "Beyond"...
My internet kinda messed up last night so I'll have to do the transcript later today.

What happened to the JB interview?
Ben, you asked some pretty weird ass questions... And you were messing with him the whole time. That wasnt an interview it was more of a humiliation attempt. And it worked both ways.


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