yeah man don't do that any more : (
I've gotta go with Knifo on this one...

It's really fucking stupid to do that to anybody, let alone someone that may have a mental handicap...

Way to go, asshat!

[Edit:] That's the first time I've ever dropped the F-bomb anywhere on BYOND, incidentally... It's a milestone!
whoa holy shit when i scroll down the comment box moves too

SO web 2.0
I'm going with Ben G here. Knifo is way out of line.
Coming from the guy who does the same thing to a certain "cobbo"...

Not funny...
hey elation wanna chat
Knifo, you are a moron for one simple reason, you have a low IQ. And Ben, I dont know what hes talking about with digging into something because I dont want to download what ever it is but its not nice to make fun of others. :(. But then again Knifo started it. Bastard, I will now use the /wrists command. Nuetral party, thats the way it should be, thats me.
M-m-me t-too!
SuperSaiyanGokuX - hey, we're friends. =P I'm not going to start arguing with you!
Sorry, but I've never really liked your treatment of cobbo, as it seems to follow this same line of "humor"... Which (as I've suggested here) I find very distasteful and downright not funny...

But yeah, I'm not trying to judge you, really... I've got no other problems with And, to each his/her own, I guess... I can't expect everyone to follow my ethics (though the world would be a much better place, I'd like to think)
You know the number 1 downloaded podcast in the world (and solar system) is the Ricky Gervias show that centres entirely around him and Stephen Merchan taking the piss out of this guy called Karl Pilkington? Karl's like mentally retarded and they just laugh at what he says in response to them, and yet it's the highest downloaded podcast in history.

Since the cobbo files are essentially worked in the same format, I deduce that infact you must have a problem with me, personally.

C'mon, what is it? <=(
Who or what the hell is cobbo?
"what" is more appropriate. Cobbo is a girl I make fun of. She has 'problems' and I wish people would stop giving me so much stick over it. I suffer for my art, okay? I get enough abuse about it from Ema and her girlfriend I don't need other people telling me I'm wrong. One day we'll all look back on this and we'll laugh at how wrong everyone was to insult me because of it but for now I will persevere and make sure that everyone gets to experience their own little 'ah ah glem'.
Well you DO have a right to a personal opinion I suppose. So I cant really say anything about it.
=P I am totally kidding
How do you get you boxes like that :X?
SSGX please watch your language on my blog.
oh hey cobbo let's talk about cobbo

why do you call her cobbo i don't know

she talks to me sometimes but i try to appease her most of the time because i don't have the heart to make fun of her
Thats... pretty cruel man.
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