I'm not sure where to post this, but im just curious as to how long it normally takes for a game to be reviewed. I submitted heroquest,a game of mine, for review a LONG time ago. Conservatively at least a month and a half ago. I see new games popping up all the time in channels. Are RPGs just backed up? Is it possible I submitted wrong(is there a way to check?)? Anyone know who reviews RPGs? maybe I could email to see if im at least on the list. Any info you can give me on this would be cool, thanx alot.
My first game, Raegon, was accepted in a week or two. I submitted Stick World about 5 - 7 weeks ago, nothing yet. From what someone said (I think it was Xooxer), it could take up to three months. :|

I've tried your game before, Abra, and Im pretty sure it'll get accepted, for several reasons. One is because the reviewers probably havent seen a single player RPG in a long while, and will be excited about that.

Ermm, was this game based on Avernum? It seems a bit like it.
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It took my game.. Celestial Conquest about 1-2 Months or so to get published.. give it time. it will
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alright thanx guys, i didnt want to just sit around waiting if i hadnt submitted it right, but as long as I'm in line that works.
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It usually helps to give the reviews a quick nudge. I know it works for me :)