Reported, should be deleted soon, thanks.
In response to Karasu Kami (#1)
$9 million for a bed? Thats nothing! I bought a toaster from this guy for $50 million and I, umm... hey!
In response to EGUY (#2)
Didn't pay? Thats a funny little trick.
Wow that is by far the most retarded thing ever. =D Did you post that on ebay, Maz, or was it done by someone else?

I don't think someone with no feedback should be able to auction a nine million dollar bed. My scam sense is tingling.
In response to EGUY (#5)
A Scam?! NO WAY! That's an awesome deal!

In response to Kujila (#6)
My bargain sense is tingling ;)
In response to EGUY (#5)
Hmm, maybe thats why i reported it. I got a reply saying that the item number didn't even exist, so not only is it a scam, its a fake scam. ^^;