(Took me a moment after reading it to realize what it was.) Those stickers freaken' rock! Go Windows!
I prefer the replies:

Windows is the most secure

COMPLETELY OUT of anyone's box.

(not to be confused with that cardboard thingy it comes in)

Out of the box, Windows has proven to have less holes than that of Linux... but which are more deadly? Windows, of course. Ask yourself this: Would you rather have 5 small holes or one HUGE hole that people can fit through in your house?

Also, it seems that Microsoft want to fix their patches about 6 months-1 year later -- making the situation worse for every and all Windows users. Linux fixes them almost instantly. :)
Anyway, nice find Maz.
In response to Airjoe
I try, I try. :)
Heh. The self-congratulatory tone of the parody puts me in mind of penguin porn. It's a cult document produced just to say "Ha! Here's why we're right!"

Lummox JR
Cute. I really liked the part about the certificate -- if the certificate says the certificate is genuine, then your software is genuine. =)